Current Awards


Dr Simon Cooke, Independent Researcher, Coventry; $1,000 (costed at £800) to cover costs of scans from Gleeson White Archive, Harvard, for a Study of Gleeson White as a Book Designer.

Trude Dijkstra, PhD candidate in Cultural History at the University of Amsterdam; £2,890  for ‘The Production and Reception of Chinese medicine in Early Modern Europe’.

Dr Shanti Graheli, Udine, and University of Glasgow; £3,965 for ‘Making a Renaissance bestseller: The Orlando furioso and the marketplace of print’.

Dr Anne Marie Hagen, Norway; £3,100 for ‘Reading Hygiene: Health, Print Culture and the Child Reader in Britain, 1880-1915’.

Dr Barbara Heritage, of the Rare Book School, Charlottesville; £2,921 for research travel towards book project, ‘Charlotte Brontë and the Labor of Writing’.

Dr Raphaële Mouren of the Warburg Institute; £1,775 for ‘The Humanist in his Margins’.

Matthew Payne, Keeper of the Muniments, Westminster Abbey; £3,000 towards ‘The books of Robert Fabyan (c.1450-1513)’.

Stephan Pigeon, Ph.D. candidate in History at McGill University; £3,500 towards ‘News Copyright in the British Press at the Turn of the 20th Century: the political and legal consequences of widespread reprinting in the newspaper press and its impact on the media landscape into the 20th century’.

Matthew Wills, PhD candidate, Department of History, University of California, San Diego; £2,340 for ‘Mediating the Message: Book Culture and Propaganda in Mao’s China’.