Current Awards

Jeonghun Choi, PhD Candidate, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University.
‘Globalizing historical knowledge in the Netherlands and Japan’

Tim Fulford, Professor of English, De Montfort University.
‘The Collected Poems of Henry Kirke White’

Abhijit Gupta, Professor of English, Jadavpur University.
‘Indologists among the Epics: H.H. Wilson and Charles Wilkins’

Renske Hoff, Lecturer in Middle Dutch Literature, Utrecht University.
‘Souters and Psalteriums: Paratext and Readership in Middle Dutch and Latin psalters in the Low Countries, c.1480-1510’

Priti Joshi, Professor of English, University of Puget Sound.
‘For Illustrative Purposes Only: From Wood to Litho to Photo in 19th Century Indian Newspapers.’

Sean Moore, Professor of English, University of New Hampshire.
‘The British Secret Service and the Scottish and Irish Book Trades, 1660-1829: An Inquiry into the History of Intelligence’

Jennifer Phegley,  Professor of English, University of Missouri-Kansas City.
‘Magazine Mavericks: Mary Elizabeth Braddon, John Maxwell, and the Invention of New Audiences for Mass-Market Media’

Nicholas Pickwoad, Professor Emeritus, University of the Arts London.
‘Examination of the 12 Leonardo da Vinci Notebooks in the library of the Institut de France in Paris’

Asha Rogers, Associate Professor in Contemporary Postcolonial Literature, University of Birmingham.
‘A publishing history of the Igbo language novel Omenuko (1935), by Peter Nwana’

Sydney J. Shep, Reader in Book History, Victoria University of Wellington.
‘Joyce in the Antipodes: the Chelsea Book Club connection’

Michael VanHoose, PhD candidate, Department of English, University of Virginia.
‘John Dickinson and the Economics of Early Machine-Made Paper, 1810–1840’