Current Awards

Suzan Alteri, Curator, Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature – Special and Area Studies Collections, University of Florida .
‘Guiding Science: Women-Authored Science Books for Children, 1790-1890.’

Hyei Jin Kim, DPhil student, St Hugh’s College, University of Oxford.
‘The World According to PEN and UNESCO: Literature as Patrimony and Property from 1920s to the Present.’

Rachel King, Associate Professor of English, University of California, Santa Barbara.
‘Improving Literature: The Textual Forms of Eighteenth-Century Progressive Thought.’

Nicholas Mason, Professor of English, Brigham Young University.
‘Literary Periodicals and the Making of Romantic-era Readers.’

Ian Morrison, Heritage Librarian, Libraries Tasmania.
‘Completeness and authenticity in early 20th century book collecting.’

Rose Roberto, independent scholar, Sheffield, UK.
‘Photographic representations in printed media documenting America’s Occupation of the Philippines, 1900-1935’